The Global Village, Fast Growing



William O.Ogonda

Ordinary postman, milkman, grocer and restaurant attendants have been phased out and space, rather the distance they used to cover, including man hours reduced.


Globally this is scaling higher. Everything is in the human hand. It is up to the person to just get the right app. In one piece there is a calculator, camera, browser, compass, calendar including a diary to not just show dates but also remind one of the immediate appointment, an hour or two away. The younger population is beginning to think faster than even the pace of the sunrise to sunset. Today, the younger human population is developing more user loyalty to such platforms like Facebook. The scene of every young man with a gadget when on a bus, sports event, family get-together,

Today, the younger human population is developing more user loyalty to such platforms like Facebook. The scene of every young man with a gadget when on a bus, sports event, family get-together, classroom is commonplace. This is the lot of human beings which by the time they buy their own houses and cars, digital communication will have gone a notch higher. The state of the 21st century is but that of the virtual population outnumbering the physical global population.


At the beginning of the 21st century, the number of people connected to the internet increased from 350 million to more than 2 billion today. The data which raises eyebrows is that of mobile phone owners globally. Today, it stands at about 6.5 billion. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the world population today is about 7.5 billion. This translates to over half of world population being mobile phone subscribers.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, in a book he has co-authored with his colleague Jared Cohen, Google’s Ideas Director, titled The New Digital Age creates a dream which is not easy to handle in one’s sleep for it is but a movie, perhaps in the making or just about to hit the charts. So the movie is here. Integrated clothing machines doing the washing, drying, folding, pressing and sorting.

Haircuts to be automated and machine precise. Cell phones, tablets and laptops have wireless re-chargers. No need for charging cables. Your car is programmed. You are getting late for a meeting and you have not prepared for it? Your car is automated. So programme it in terms of speed and distance, sit at the back, like a passenger, as your finger helps access your main notes on your advanced iphone. No need to struggle with steering your wheels.

You love fun and you are still walking through this dream movie. Enter the photo world. Integrate your photos, video and geographical setting and save them in a device. Create and recreate scenes the way you wish. Oh yes. You are old and your children cannot have a view of your wedding. Just recreate it virtually. Now wake up from the dream and let’s share further on how your children are set to acquire education in this century and beyond. They will learn at the comfort of your home.

Salman Khan, the brain behind Khan academy, a modular learning system based on the student’s need has a solution for you. Children will only go to school to socialize and engage in physical exercises. This already being adopted in the United States. This academy produces thousands of videos and distributes them on You Tube for free. So learning will take place at the learner’s convenience. What happens to children in developing nations? Efforts to make learning through improved Information Communication Technology is almost in the manifesto of every presidential candidate on the African continent for instance.

What worries the global governments today is the rate at which this technology is growing. Digital Communication has its pros and cons and therefore a major study of any government’s intelligence system. Eric Schmidt says: Online identity will become such a powerful currency that we will even see the rise of a new black market where people can buy real or invented identities. Citizens and criminals alike will be attracted to such a network, since the false identify that could provide cover for a known drug smuggler could also shelter a political dissident.

Digital media has therefore created a network of connected individuals who are able to share and exchange ideas across the continent. Ideas like schooling virtually will change the economies of the Third World as students will improve their cognitive ability through access to knowledge which was previously not available to them.


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