My Smarter M-Cup: To Improve Sexual Health, And General Wellbeing during Menstruation

By Mary, Lina, Felice and Veronica

Image Credits: Jen Lewis

Menstruation is perhaps the most central part of femininity. Among my circle of friends, we call it the plight of womanhood. For some, during this time, they are most irritable while others crave all manner of things. I have a friend who gets into a junk eating spree when she is on her periods. Others have no appetite and can survive on drinks for the three or so days.

However, menstruation is not just a period characterized my cravings and going out to party. For some, it becomes the worst time of embracing femininity because of the moods they are in or the pain they have to go through from their cramping. At the onset of periods, women may cancel dates, holidays they had so looked forward to and just clamp themselves down in their rooms.

The best thing you can do for a woman during this time is to just let her to be and give her all the support she needs. The proposed features will be added to an already existing smart cup produced by Loon lab, a company based in San Francisco.

Can you imagine your spouse bringing you a healthy drink just when you need it? Or menstrual cramp pain relievers just when you are about to snap? This new feature will be embeded on the smart app and synced to your partner’s phone or communication device, and let them know that it is ‘that time’ of the month. It will also give them ideas on what to do for you such as bring you the said pain killers of just come and give you some words of affirmation. This will also inform them when they need not to ‘come near you’.

The other feature that this app will incorporate is feel good messages. The hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body during menstruation affect her mood. It is a time when a lady need to reminded to embrace her femininity irrespective of all the things that are going on in her body. Sometimes, woman seek isolation and prefer to just keep to themselves as they go through this period. With the current trend of the youth, with their addiction and proximity to the phone, this becomes the nearest and most welcome companion to the woman.  Since the smart cup can detect when a woman is on her period, it will send timely feel good messages to her such as “Soldier on girl, it’s what makes you beautiful”

Image credit: LoonCup

The smart cup is a new technology in the menstrual cup world and hence, its usage is not in the public arena. The application will therefore have an FAQ feature that will provide answered to questions like how to clean the cup, where to find a menstrual cup, what to look for when shopping for a menstrual cup.

The smart menstrual cup can be further improved by ensuring accuracy of data and transferability of data across devices and applications should anyone want to change their tracker or use multiple trackers. The notifications should also be custom enabled such that when an individual is notified and their phone happens to be with someone else, the message can be disguised.

This features are an addition to the loon cup which the producers call the ‘monthly period partner’. Which is considered the world’s first smart menstrual cup. Made form soft silicon, the cup is fitted with a Bluetooth receiver, embedded triaxial, RGB and force sensors. The Bluetooth receiver is used to connect the menstrual cup to an android or and IOS application which enables it communicate and share data, thus monitoring the menstrual cycle. All these additional features are embedded into the silicon, and buried therein such that none of them is able to make direct contact with the body. This connectivity allows the cup to monitor the volume of the menstrual fluid and send alerts to the phone through the app when the cup is almost full..

This smart menstrual cup, combines menstrual management and menstrual prediction features and with the new additions, will be a good improvement to sexual health and relations between partners and also provide reinforcing and affirming messages to the woman when she needs them most.



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