LISHA NAFSI HEALTH APP: Improving Kenyans health with localized nutrition App

BY Sharon Macharia, Michelle Siro,  Angela Maina &Catherine Maina   


One’s health is the source of their wealth. So many times this statement has been echoed, but unfortunately it only rings in our heads when we are down and out or in a hospital bed. Even with the rise of awareness that a persons diets is a major determinant of whether they get sick or not, not enough people put in the necessary effort to eat a clean healthy diet. In Kenya, 27% of deaths among people aged 30 to 70 are caused by the various cancers, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and heart ailments. These are all non-communicable diseases (NCD), mostly caused by poor diet and lifestyle. A great health App that will enable consumers to be fully aware of what they put in their bodies, is ideal for such individuals. Those also who are at a high risk of getting a NCD are also the target of this application. individual’s who want to continue leading healthier lifestyles can also take advantage of this App because it gives a great simplified breakdown of ingredients in products and what is good or bad for you to consume.

The phrase ‘when you know better, you do better’ is not always practical. One may know that they need to eat healthier foods but still gravitate towards what they know and is not healthy. In the day and age of technology where we have information in the palm of our hands, people have become more empowered than ever to take control of their lifestyles and even health. There are Apps that help with work outs, showing nutrient levels in foods and such applications may be the start to helping people take control of their health.

All products in the Kenyan market must pass a standard of quality test by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) even with this standardizing body in place counterfeit products still make it to the market and also various ingredients which have yet to be banned by the board and been proven to be bad for one’s health and banned in other countries. The system, like any other, is not perfect. This poses the problem of consuming products assuming they are good, but not knowing the actual implications of what is inside the product. The App we have proposed intends to give a variety of information with the intention of making the Kenyan consumers aware of what products they consume contain, indicate if the food or product is acceptable for people with different ailments especially Non Communicable Diseases and even allergies.

This App intends to inform the Kenyan consumer of most of the products that are found locally. Just with a simple search or scan (on the ingredient section) of a product be it a jar of jam or a packet of flour the App will give you information of the product, probable allergens and also what may be harmful in the product or not advisable for a person with a certain health condition. This App will bring awareness to the consumers who wants to be healthy and wants to know what they consume in their products so as to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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