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The Habari 100 will change the manner in which Kenyans receive news on their smartphones by introducing, a more efficient way of reading news. In light of this, the application will expose trending news items, and puts them into different categories; these categories known as Sanduku are pockets of categorized news subjects that are labeled with different topic headlines, namely, Politics, Crime, Sports, and Weather. Indeed, such categorization makes Habari 100 clutter- free, besides making it one of the most easy to browse News applications in the country- Kenya. In addition, owing to its categorized layout of news items, it facilitates easy access to breaking news owing to the fact that whenever a fresh news item emerges, a red numbered-alert pops at the right corner of categorized Sanduku– pockets.

When trending news appears, a user will be alerted through a red icon that appears on the news pocket right top corners. In addition, the application has a chime that goes on, and vibrates to alert the user that a news item of his/her choice is trending. Such alerts bridge the existing gap where locally based News Application haves no notification to alert user on emerging news. In other words, the Habari 100 has a navigation provision that enables users to customize the types of News content one could like to watch, listen to, and read. In reference to the customization of favorite news content, Habari 100 proposes news items that it reckons to appeal to its users. These news content will be listed in a section in the application that is referred to as “ proposed for you” pocket. In regard to the digitized print news stories, the application presents such content on a friendly user interface that has a magazine- style aesthetic; in this way, it makes navigation through the App not only interesting, but engaging for readers. Habari 100 is not restrictive in regard to software that can support it, but the first priority is Android. Perhaps one of the most interactive features of Habari 100 is its ability to allow users to comment, like, and share news items that they feel are outstanding, relevant, and informative. The working model of this news application will need the collective synergies of the Bloggers Association of Kenya, the People Daily, and The Standard Group. More importantly, these stakeholders will work to ensure that news content is readily available for Android Smartphone users. In addition, the Habari 100 news Application has its own video player and audio player that enable users to listen and watch news items on their smartphones.  However, the audio- visual provisions of the application are only a preserve of topical news items, national politics news, and sports news. The application will be a delight to the busy persons because it offers digest of favorite news items. In other words, a user does not have to read the entire news article to decipher its main content, but will be provided with a one sentence summary of the key message in a news item.  The application takes into consideration that offering a news digest does not suffice for extremely busy news consumers in Kenya; in view of this, it has a provision that allows user to save a news item for posterity or later consumption.  The straightforward news application, Habari 100, can be linked to social media platforms such as one’s personal account at Facebook and Twitter. In this way, it facilitates the sharing of news with friends and acquaintances on these social media platforms. Overall, Habari 100 news Application is a must-have application because of its elitism in the provision of news in the context of Kenya.


How you can be caught by your spouse while involved in digital infidelity in this digital age By Peter Kuta

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By Christine Amira

Digital media has made food preparation convenient, entertaining and easy to learn. A recent Google consumer survey showed that 59% of 25-34- year olds head to the kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets.

A tablet being used as a recipe guide in the kitchen
A tablet being used as a recipe guide in the kitchen

Photo courtesy of blog.proclipusa.com

People now have easier access to recipes, cookbooks and tutorials to enhance their cooking skills. Digital capability has made it easy to create digital videos, digital images and digital write ups in binary formats and distribute online. The internet has exacerbated access to this information worldwide through the use of smart phones, television and other digital electronics.

An example of a famous worldwide website that enables its users to find, create and save recipes is Pinterest,  it can also adapt to every user’s preferences making it easy to learn how to prepare foreign foods at the convenience of your house with a personal touch. Individuals no longer need to travel to specific countries or spend loads of money in 5-star restaurants to enjoy international cuisines.

blank recipe book on kitchen table
Photo courtesy of http://www.pinterest.com

Hyper-mediation is often used in sites such as All recipe  to offer control over instructional background or offer any other relevant information to engrossed parties interested in buffing up their cooking skills. Copy Me That also uses hyper-mediation to enable its users copy any recipe from as many websites and place them in one location with just one click. The recipes collected can be saved to the computer, or can be organized with tags and added to shopping lists.


Photo courtesy of http://www.copymethat.com

Digital media has a networked characteristic that enables coordination, communication and promotion of cooking brands or interested parties in cooking.  Social media and especially Facebook has made it easy for users to create groups on cooking e.g. Recipes,cooking and food  or Easy Kenyan Recipes pages where people can share videos, photos, recipes and other content. In these groups people can also work together, respond to queries and give appraisals because digital networks are bi-directional.

Interactivity as a characteristic of digital media has made it easy for humans to interact with computer programmes, contemporary sellers in the food industry are now taking advantage of this feature by offering online dealings via the internet.  This means that consumers can buy goods, pay for goods and redeem coupons online and these goods are subsequently couriered to their homes and offices.


buyig food

Photo courtesy of http://www.vietnamnews.com

A Vietnamese woman visiting a website to buy food like many other busy women who flock online websites to shop.

Media Convergence has also made it more convenient for consumers to gain information on food preparation, this is evident by the increase of cooking shows which means the number of audiences interested in this content keeps rising.  People can now watch and listen to national and international television shows such as Top Chef and Master Chef and on their smart phones, tablet, television, iPods and Radio among other digital gadgets.

The fact that content is digital means that it can easily be corrupted. In editing videos, photos and other creative content this characteristic many seem advantageous but on the other hand it poses a major challenge in the food and business industry. Experts in creating content for monetary incentives are now challenged with copyright, piracy and trademark issues that did not pre-exist in the analogue age but are now an inevitable problem.

I am not a perfect chef and in fact the internet has revealed to me of how much an armature I am.  I wonder how we would exist should the digital age that has conveniently made it possible for us to access digital content on cooking worldwide would not have come to pass, this is because growing up I was bored with monotony in food preparation but now I can access ways of preparing tasty, unfamiliar and creative meals whilst giving them a personal touch.

Looking into the future there are more transformations to look forward to, below is a video of how robots could change the future of cooking.