How you can be caught by your spouse while involved in digital infidelity in this digital age By Peter Kuta

Digital infidelity or use of digital media to initiate and maintain extradyadic affairs has become a growing area of concerned in the last few years. According to, infidelity statistics, 30 percent to 60 percent of married individuals do engage in infidelity. This is because; digital technology has made digital infidelity so easy to engage in; where some partners may cheat on each other. This situation results into digitally-enabled lateral surveillance being practiced by either of the partners to monitor the behaviors of each other (See the below video). Suspecting partners may employ the following methods in carrying out lateral surveillance.

They may use telephone calls for surveillance. It is common for someone to call you with a wrong number phone call or sales call to obtain information. Every time you are in contact with such person, you are providing information even if you have only informed them that you are at home. Besides, they may use delivery people who will show up at your place pretending that they have the wrong address. Their objective is to determine if you are at home, what you are doing, and with who else. The person may have been sent by the suspecting partner to do surveillance on you. All this is facilitated by the digital technology that has enabled people to communicate more easily than ever.

In addition, telephones can be made into an active listening devices through a hook switch bypass, even when not in use. Mobile phones are among the most insecure forms of communication for they can easily be intercepted by available online monitors such as phone spy soft wares that are already available in the market. A partner will require the software to spy on your phone, and know your plans and movements. When involved in digital infidelity you will easily be noticed.

Internet and computer is also a most insecure form of communication for those involved in infidelity yet used by many people world over. E-mails that are send by individuals, web-sites visited on an individual’s computers as indicated in the below picture can be intercepted too. Besides, if your computer is stolen, a lot of your information (emails, websites visits, documents) even if you have deleted will be accessed. If that information involves ‘other relationships’ you have, it will facilitate your being caught.

Cheating on Internet
Cheating on Internet

In some areas especially hotels and among other social places, we have fake hot spots and Wifi hackers set up to have one log into a network which steals information from your digital device. Other people will use Wifi sniffers to capture your passwords and provide access to your computer or digital gadget and all information on it. This give access to your networks depending on your configuration. This people may get that information as an evidence about your infidelity.

The social sites used by anyone could be a source of information for their partners. One needs to be aware of what he or she is posting on social media and who is being befriended. Those photographs posted on the social media may be a source of information for your spouse; for example, the location where the photographs were taken can be determined and unlimited amount of intelligence could be obtained from them. While you may be aware that surveillance can be done against you, your friends on social media may not be aware; hence they may become a source of intelligence for your partner to carry out surveillance on you.

If you are involved in digital infidelity, it is important to know that digital detection has become a new form for infidelity discovery. This means that to evade being caught, never be in touch with people you do not know over a phone call. Besides, never use digital media as form of communication in those affairs. It is also advisable, not to post anything on the internet or social media concerning your affairs since your friends and associates (who may not be aware that surveillance is being carried on you) on the social media may be a source of information to your partner. If you are involved in extradyadic affairs avoid use of digital technology in this digital age because you will be caught eventually. This is because digital devices are interactive, documents can be retrieved and shared, information is stored in various formats and they devices can be networked.





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