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Everybody wants to meet the one, but not everyone has a Cinderella story where you meet your prince charming by losing a shoe. In the past people have been limited on who to date that is according to the tribe, gender, race and other factors. This traditional way of dating has however proven to be very hard and such a cliché, example where a person spills a drink on another or accidentally bumps into each other. As time goes, these factors no longer matter and people are now open to dating diversely.

About 59% say social media makes them feel more connected to what is going on in their significant other’s life, although just 15% indicate that it makes them feel “a lot” more connected. About one-third (35%) of these teens say social media does not make them feel more connected with their significant other.

Through online dating site, single people can meet others in an easier way. They get on the sites and give a description of what they expect. They give all the attributes they want and also describe themselves. If someone is interested in them and can fit in the description, they can like on their page or profile, and if the interest is mutual, they match and arrange to meet. These dating sites have so many advantages as it helps save time which people use to look for someone who shares their interest. By the time you are going on a date with the person you already know their interest that is if they are looking for a wife, something casual or any relationship. Also for individuals who have no courage to approach others face to face online dating is the way to go.

Social media, on the other hand, has also affected dating. Before all these people found long distance relationship a waste of time. It is through Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO and Instagram, social media has become so comfortable. It makes dating fun and keeps the relationship alive. People can now video chat, text, share videos and pictures. Also, it is easier to avoid cheating as people can declare to the public on their Facebook page their relationship status. It is also easier to know the others interest. Some people use social media for a little stalking example, checking the others last seen online time, checking their photos and whom they regularly chat with.

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There are also groups or pages where people example those who have same sex interest such as, lesbians and bisexuals can meet others with the same interest without fear of being judged. Digital media makes it easier for them as minorities in the dating world to meet in an easier way.

Blogs and other websites also help most people in relationships with advice on certain issues that affect them. Others start page where they discuss certain matters that they share or have experience on. It is sometimes easier for people to tell their relationship problems to strangers other than people you know due to fear of being judged.

Digital technology on the other side has affected dating negatively. This is as the sweet process of getting to know someone from the start is cut down. People already know what to expect, and this thus ruins the honeymoon stage. It also spoils the thought of fate being the reason why people met. Also through stalking on social media, it shows distrust and can lead to problems in the relationship. Also, people tend to lie on social media and dating sites which can be misleading. This affects others as when you meet it is not what one expected. Others get too comfortable dating online that they do not want to meet.


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