The Disconnect In A Wired World.

By Caroline Kibati

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Have we forgotten how to connect just for the reason that we can “connect” in so many other ways at all times of the day?

Having a conversation with someone in the digital age feels like a constant battle for their responsiveness to you and their digital device. This regularly ends up with the digital device winning. Digital devices are now noticeable players in how individuals connect with the rest of the world. This has altered the nature of communication making it in one way or another, disconnected. Digital developments have brought great cultural and social changes in our ways of communicating. Individuals are now gradually communicating through screens and electronic interfaces at the cost of in person interaction. Relationships are now happening through digital exchange. Millions of people in the world today are starting, sustaining, and ending relationships through communication digital devices in the digital age. People have resulted to discovering love in their inboxes, and going through heartbreak through relationship statuses on social media Facebook being one of them.

These days we often text instead of speak; use Facetime and Skype instead of having face-to-face discussions. We get the eternal sense of being accompanied but alone at the same time. By being continually plugged in, we are actually becoming a nation of detached people. Humans need connection. A sense of community and connection are what feeds our souls and with the ability of technology came the ability to disconnect from real time human interaction. Technology has changed the face of many relationships, affecting the way the couples communicate, grow closer, plan, fight and make up.

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As technology becomes more assimilated into people’s lives, individuals are experiencing both the desirable and undesirable effects of digital communication tools in their relationships. With their heads looking down to screens and fingers constantly working away, people are constantly checking emails, texting, , logging into their social media feeds. Basically, forgetting about the privileges of face-to-face human interaction. The irony in this setting is that everyone feels social and connected. Their mobile phones serve as their link to their online worlds, where family and friends are available to interact within a second. Many will claim a person being only a text or tweet away has made society more social and more connected. However, the reality is that people are increasingly becoming more antisocial and disconnected from each other.

Relationships in the past were conceived in several steps. Two potential partners first had to meet. The experience would be in person filled with eye contact and a lot of conversation from the face to face interaction. The man will then proceed to get the lady’s number, call her later and eventually date her. Their communication and the time they spend together would primarily all be in person. The mobile phone would only serve as a catalyst for meeting, or a means to talk until the late hours of the night. However this rarely happens and is somewhat an is an outdated version. Instead, today millions of romantic relationships are ignited by messages in an inbox.

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Whether it’s through email, social networking sites, or simple text messaging, there is no more, “boy meets girl” story. Instead we now have “boy sends inbox.” A boy notices a girl he is interested in, finds out her name and and proceeds to login to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram to find her. He sends her a message through whichever platform he finds her on, and if she’s interested, she’ll reply by maybe giving him her phone number. They then advance to texting. People nowadays get to be acquainted with each other through text messaging and social networking, before actually meeting or talking in person. It’s also common for two people to both encounter and commence dating by electronic means through online dating sites.

In conclusion, the use of technology has made us wired but disconnected at the same time. It is now a standard in relationship maintenance and also their demise. Welcome to relationships in the digital age.

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